Pennsauken Native Teaches Students Inspiring Message

Pennsauken Native Teaches Students Inspiring Message

Pennsauken native, Jasmyn Wright, teaches in a North Philadelphia charter school and has become a YouTube sensation for her inspirational message. In her elementary school she teaches her students resilience and chants the mantra they call Push Through. Last year she posted a video of her third grade class performing the mantra, but never expected it go viral.

Not only did the video get thousands of likes and shares, but it caught the attention of The Gap and The Today Show. Now Jasmyn Wright is able to share her message with the rest of the world. She has come a long way from her Pennsauken, NJ beginnings.

Being a teacher herself she has a lot of opinions about other school systems, but credits the Pennsauken school district with giving her a great basis for being resilient. She states that because of the diversity within the schools, she was prepared for many differences she would experience in the world.

Where can see her message?

You can read further about Ms. Wright on All Around Pennsauken or in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Or you can watch the video yourself:

At Bright Beginnings Academy, we are always looking to inspire our children to be strong confident and resilient. We applaud Jasmyn Wright’s message.