Bright Beginnings Academy in South Jersey Starts Offering Music Programs

Bright Beginnings Academy in South Jersey Starts Offering Music Programs

The benefits of music education on the young mind have been studied for decades. The positive results are undeniable, especially in the brain areas involved in language and reasoning. Young children who have studied music are found to do better on standardized tests. Research has also shown that there are causal links between increased spatial intelligence, memory, and empathy in children who have been exposed to early music education.

The educators at Bright Beginnings Academy are firm believers in not only providing children with enjoyable learning experiences, but those that add a comprehensive value. So, they have hired private music teachers to bring early childhood  programs to their Sewell and Cherry Hill locations.

“We believe that music is a powerful instrument, no pun intended,” says Camille Banks, Director of Bright Beginnings Academy. “It not only brings enjoyment and fulfillment when either heard or played, but it also has educational and social value. Young children who study music do better in school, they excel in STEM, and they have higher emotional intelligence. We think this has incredible value and we are excited to offer this program.”

Music at Bright Beginnings Academy

The program is fully interactive and will not only introduce basic musical concepts, but also allow children to grow familiar with instruments, movement, and singing. Our teachers hope to enrich the children’s education, enhance social relationships, and accelerate all facets of learning.

Bright Beginnings Academy has served South Jersey with superior preschool, pre-K, and kindergarten instruction for 40 years. The staff is dedicated to getting children excited about learning starting as young as infant and toddler age. The children receive daily physical education along with learning activities, mindfulness programs and now with the addition of a music program, Bright Beginnings Academy hopes to set itself apart. “We are excited to see how the children react to the program, and welcome feedback from all our parents,” says Camille.

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