2016-2017 Past Year Insights with Ms. Vicki…

2016-2017 Past Year Insights with Ms. Vicki…

This past year at Bright Beginnings Academy, preschoolers and teachers have had an amazing time learning, having fun, building great relationships, and seeing the world. We enjoy teaching your kids while watching them grow. We wanted to take some time to share some highlights from Bright Beginnings Academy. Thank you for such a great year!

Teacher’s Name: Vicki Dott

Age of class: 3 turning 4 during 2017 at BBA Sewell

What is one word that describes your class? Energetic

What project did you do this past year that was a highlight with Preschoolers

Morning Meeting. We use this on a daily basis during the week. We have: Monday Message, Tuesday Talk, Wednesday Wonders, Thursday Thinkers, and Friday Funday!

What made that project helpful for the children and exciting for you?

I draw or put up what the children will be doing for the day. For example, I will put a picture of the letter-person we are working on with a paintbrush and watercolors such as a watercolor of Mr. D. The children then figure out what we are doing with that. I’ve given them clues of some paper flowers, scissors, markers and a card, and the kids figure out we are going to work on Mother’s Day projects. When it’s someone’s birthday, I’ll put out a child’s name and a birthday cake with 4 candles, and the children figure out whose birthday it is!

How does the morning meeting help preschool students accomplish what they couldn’t do at the beginning of the year?

This daily routine is so important to the children since they will know what is going on for the day. It reinforces alliteration (Monday Message, Tuesday Talk etc). They see numbers, so it reinforces rote counting and recognition of numbers. I usually put up a shape next to each number so they learn their shapes. Our Morning Meeting helps the children see words in print. I have them find letters that are the same (equal). It provides a lot of child/teacher interaction and scaffolding where I use something we are doing or did and the children build upon it.

In the beginning of the year the clues I used were very basic, now I try and make it more thought provoking. It’s amazing how they figure it out as a group. They are thinking outside the box by using the clues. Our motto in our class is “Team Work Makes the Dream Work”, so this is a great opportunity to have them work together to figure out what we are doing for the day!

As a result, the children in our class can now recognize their names, put on jackets (or help each other). They pour their own water, serve snacks, set up nap things, and clean it all up. They can cut, color, draw and are starting to recognize letters and numbers they’ve learned throughout the year. The children have really learned how to be independent, happy and resourceful 3 and 4 year olds. I’m very proud of my children and the progress they have made this past year. 🙂