Highlights from Ms. Lass

Highlights from Ms. Lass

Earlier this week we got highlights from Ms. Vicki from BBA Sewell. Today we are going to dive into highlights from this Year at BBA in Cherry Hill. 

Teacher’s Name: Ms. Susan Lass

Age of class: 4 and 5 year olds /Pre-Kindergarten

What is one word that describes your class? Enthusiastic!

What was a project you did last year that was the highlight for your class?

Making Blue Prints: Students designed their own structure using wooden blocks, and a 3D model. They traced the blocks onto construction paper and cut out the shapes. Then they recreated their structure on paper (the 2D Blue Print) by gluing these shapes. Finally, children presented their structures to their classmates.

What made that project exciting for you as a teacher and helpful for the child? Children learned to plan, problem solve, and develop a sense of competence. They worked to develop gross and fine motor skills. Students experimented, predicted, and drew conclusions while building their structures. They expressed themselves verbally when describing their structures to their classmates.

This project was exciting for both the students and I, while everyone worked well individually to complete the task. Observing the children participate in active learning was amazing. They accomplished goals in their own way. This project helped the children achieve much more than expected. To see them smile when they were finished showed how truly proud of themselves they were.

What tasks can students accomplish now that they couldn’t do at the beginning of the year? Tasks that we accomplished this year can be broken down into eight content areas:

  1. Approaches to learning—making sense of the world around us.
  2. Social and emotional development—while working with other children their age students begin to have a clearer sense of self and others.
  3. Physical development and health—gross and fine motor skills, body awareness, and engaging in healthy behavior.
  4. Language, literacy and communication—understanding, expressing, identifying and demonstrating their knowledge through many meaningful activities.
  5. Mathematics
  6. Creative Arts
  7. Science and Technology
  8. Social Studies

In all tasks that took place this year the children reached several goals and expectations set forth. Some of our major accomplishments as a class were solving problems in a positive way, communicating, and making optimum decisions.

Closing comments: It has truly been a pleasure working with such a fantastic group of children. It has been fun getting to know each child in my class as an individual. It is my hope that through so many positive experiences in preschool my students will be well prepared for their future ahead, not only in school but in the world.