New Toddler Child Care Program has Been Added to Both Preschools

New Toddler Child Care Program has Been Added to Both Preschools

The staff and management at both locations of Bright Beginnings Academy preschool are excited to announce the official roll-out of our new toddler child care program. This toddler program will fit between the existing programs of young and older toddlers. The new classroom will allow more milestone specified activities during this rapid growth period.

What does this mean for current toddler child care?

Our current toddler one program with remain the same, with one exception, after a few months, children will be moved up to the next level when they reach milestones and learn certain skills rather than waiting for a certain age. Our current toddler two program is now called toddler three in both the Cherry Hill, NJ and Sewell, NJ locations. The new toddler two program overlaps ages allowing our preschool teachers to create a curriculum supporting specific skill sets. Because toddlers experience tremendous growth in cognitive and motor skills, their experience will improve by “graduating” their skills advance.

Our toddler three program will also stay the same (previously toddler two). This toddler classroom will continue to encourage the skills needed to transition in the more structured preschool classroom. Toddlers will be able to enter the toddler three classroom as they build upon the necessary skills. The oldest toddler room will also require an increased concentration stamina.

How do I register for the New Toddler Child Care Program?

Although we have been accepting pre-registrations, we do have some spaces still available for this school year. You can fill out the registration forms online or in person at either the Cherry Hill or Sewell child care centers. You can read more about our new program here or on our website at Cherry Hill – Toddler Two and Sewell – Toddler Two. Our staff is available from 7am – 6:30pm to answer any questions you may have about our new toddler program or any other program available at our private preschools and child care centers. Contact our staff to set up a tour of our preschool today.