--- At Bright Beginnings Academy, we are all about maintaining honest communication built on transparency, mutual trust, and respect.

That’s why we’d love for you to get to know us…

10 years ago, I had a deep calling to get into the preschool business. No, I wasn't a teacher or even a parent at the time, but I grew up with a strong value of education and I always had a deep love of children.

My fondest memories of growing up in India is my early education.

Unlike most Indian kids, I wasn't studious, naturally smart and I certainly wasn't winning any spelling bees. 

Regardless of that, I deeply enjoyed school. My unique strengths were nurtured. My personality blossomed and I've always carried the love of learning with me. 

I want each child to know it doesn't matter if you are the smartest kid in the class. As long as you stay curious, try your best and focus on your strengths, you'll always be happy and successful. I'm living proof of that.

And that's why it brings me great show in helping to shape the minds and hearts of our future generation.

-Chirag B Patel, Owner

Tejal is a former divorce attorney who followed her calling to become a mindfulness advocate for moms, kids, and teachers. 

She is the founder of The Yoga Birdies Program, The Mindful Mama Experience online training program and creator of The Mindful Beginnings Program taught in our Kindergarten class. It’s her mission to help moms, teachers, and kids learn the tools to better manage stress, difficult emotions and build confidence. 

You’ll see Tejal giving hugs to students in the halls, teaching the Mindful Beginnings Program, playing yoga in a Yoga Birdies class or dropping Ayaan off at school in the morning.

Tejal love's to meet new moms so definitely stop her to say "Hi" or you learn more about Tejal's mindfulness work at TejalVPatel.com.

Ayaan Aum Patel

Next, we’d love to introduce you to the two lights of our life, Ayaan Aum and Rihaan Ohm who are our two free-spirited, curious and assertive little boys that are so special yet so different.

In 2015, we not only were the owners of Bright Beginnings but we also became parents of a student attending Bright Beginnings. To see the smile on Ayaan’s face every time he goes to school, to see the friendships he has made and all that he is learned academically, socially and emotionally brightens our heart.

It’s our deep desire for all parents to experience that joy as they see their children socialize, grow and become independent as they start school for the first time.

Chirag, Tejal, Ayaan and Rihaan Patel. 

You’ll feel the same peace of mind and security as we do knowing your child is being taken care of by teachers who love, nurture and treat your child like their own.
We believe you and your child will love Bright Beginnings Academy too and we can’t wait to welcome you into our BBA family!