Why Parents Love BBA

Parent Praise

"  We have been part of Bright Beginnings Academy since 2010. It has been such an enriching and warm experience for all three of our children.  Bright Beginnings is full of dedicated teachers, fantastic extracurricular programs, plenty of playtime, creative projects and encouragement for the kids.  We can’t think of a better intro school than Bright Beginnings Academy."

~ The D’Angelo Family

Top 21 Reasons Why Parents Love BBA

1) Safety is the most important thing to staff! Secure buildings with emergency exits in all classrooms  

2) Teachers make learning fun. It's a hands-on interactive learning environment that supports all areas of growth

3) Teachers are friendly, warm and always greet everyone walking in building with a smile. 

4) Clean, bright and large classrooms filled with age appropriate materials. 

5) Great professional qualification of staff! All staff has a CDA or above certifications.

6) Help my child prepare not only academically but emotionally and socially.  

7) The staff is always open to feedback and working together.

8) Professional demeanor with teacher-child and teacher-parent relationship

 9) The peace of mind that I know I'm leaving my child in good hands and trust they will be taken care of. 

10) Encourage students to try fresh fruit and vegetables. 

11) Flexibility of schedule!! Parents can pick their own schedule that accommodates our families need. 

12) The staff enjoys watching children grow and excel. You can tell they take genuine pride in the growth of children

13) Trustworthy certified teachers who want the best for all students. 

14) The staff takes the time to get to know every child in their care. Teacher and teachers assistant develop very meaningful and nurturing relationships with their students. genuinely care fo kids. 

15) Before and after care nice to be able to drop off as early as 7 and pick up as late as 6 when you're a working parent.

16) Teachers keep parents apprised of the daily activities and progress of kids. 

17) Good educational program- many schools and parents rave about education children get from BBA. 

18) The playground is huge. Big enough for kids to run and use imagination but staff can still supervise. 

19) Kids have a consistent schedule during the day that keeps them organized and on a routine.

20) Creative and fun events at the school keep the kids engaged in learning. 

21) Facilities have great locations and ample parking.