3 Year Old Program


The Preschool Program offered at Bright Beginnings Academy is a blend of class structure and ample opportunity for self-expression and free-play times. Each activity lasts approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

The curriculum includes circle time, reading and math, along with free play, motor skill activities and use of the Hatch smart board. Exploration of art and music is also encouraged too.

The learning environment helps children cultivate life skill, a strong sense of self and kindness for oneself and others.


Goals for the Pre-school Program Are:

  • Language and vocabulary development through books,  storytelling, show and tell, puppets and poetry
  • Listening and communication skills such as letter-sound recognition and word recognition
  • Music skills through the use of rhythm instruments and singing
  • Art appreciation during finger-painting, brush painting, coloring, pasting, gluing, printing and cutting
  • Enhanced fine and gross motor skills and an understanding of movement through planned indoor and outdoor activities
  • Science skills by introducing the children to animals, nature, weather and all the wonders of the world
  • Math experiences including computer games, number recognition, and matching of sets


CIRCLE TIME - Calendar activities will be discussed (month, day, and year). This reinforces recognition of numerals, counting, before and after, number formation and more. Additional activities at this time are weather and seasons, flag, job assignments, and/or show and tell. This encourages the children to practice public speaking in front of peers.

ARTS & CRAFTS - All activities geared to the development of fine motor skills thru the use of crayons, markers, scissors, glue, paste, paint, beads, clay & and many other craft supplies. We use our curriculum as well as the seasons to dictate the craft ideas for the month.

SNACK – We serve a mid-morning snack and a mid-afternoon snack (for children who stay a full day) consisting of juice, water or milk and wholesome snacks. Frequent Cooking projects are incorporated into our monthly curriculum which not only provides a taste snack but encourages measuring, following directions and good manners.

READING – We use the "Alpha Time" program for our reading readiness. Alpha Time was originally developed for kindergarten, however, we use it beginning with our 3-year-old program and continue thru both our 4-year-old and Pre-K curriculum. The program consists of colorful, lovable puppets, storybooks, and music that reinforce not only letter recognition but also sounds and letter formation. Children are grouped into their own classes according to levels of ability. Your children will fall in love with the “letter people” as they learn through play!

GROSS MOTOR PLAYGROUND/GYM – Weather permitting each class is scheduled times each morning and afternoon to enjoy our newly renovated safe playground. When the weather is not permitting us to go out the children enjoy their gross motor play in our Gym/All purpose room. Free play and structured play activities are planned. This helps build and develops balance, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. Good sportsmanship and learning to take turns and share are always encouraged and practiced.

MATH - Singapore Math is the bases for our pre-school Math curriculum. Our students will gain insight into building a solid mathematical foundation as they use techniques, strategies, and activities that are age appropriate and challenging for each child's level of ability.

FREE PLAY - (Indoors) Children are encouraged to use their imagination through the morning and afternoon scheduled imaginative play times. This time involves the use of classroom toys, play centers, computers, and much more.

STORY TIME/LIBRARY TIME – Each day our staff will read a story to children. This not only develops a love for reading but also develops listening skills and comprehension with the use of discussion about the story.

“HATCH” SMART BOARD & GROUP ACTIVITY - Each class has scheduled times to transition to our “Media” room to experience a lively, hands-on lesson using our touch screen “Hatch Smart Board”. Teachers plan activities using the over 2500 pre-programmed, customizable lessons offered by “Hatch” focusing on Language Arts, Math, Science or Social Studies.

 SPANISH/SIGN LANGUAGE- Our pre-school students are taught simple words, phrases and names in both Spanish and Sign language.