Sewell NJ Programs Bright Beginnings Academy

Child Care Programs in Sewell, NJ

For over 35 years, Bright Beginnings Academy in Sewell, NJ has been offering comprehensive child care programs for children ages 6 weeks through 6 years old.  We offer a learning environment in which children develop confidence,

We offer a learning environment in which children develop confidence, compassion, and encouragement for each other. Bright Beginnings Academy early childhood program curriculum exposes children to life skills, language development, fine and gross motor skills, arts and crafts, music, and movement, science and mindful breathing.

We believe children are partners with us to create the best learning environment. We create a safe environment that is a combination of direct instruction, learn through play and of course fun!!

Infant Day Care

Your little ones are your precious treasure. And not it's time to send your loved one to school. Where will you find a school where your child will be safe, loved and learn?

At Bright Beginning Academy, our infant program provides a warm, nurturing and safe environment. Our program goes beyond traditional infant child care and daycare and introduces education to your child at an early age.

Toddler Day Care

Unlike other traditional daycares, Bright Beginnings Academy Program focuses on skill-building, education, while still encouraging free expression.  The goal of our toddler curriculum is to transition the children from a day care atmosphere to a classroom environment. As early as 2.5 years old, we begin to introduce alphabet recognition, early sight words, math concepts, and sign language.  Our teaching staff provides opportunities for toddlers to explore and develop in a safe environment.

PreSchool and Pre-K Programs

Our Preschool and Pre-K programs become much more structured with daily scheduled activities that last 20 to 30 minutes. At Bright Beginnings Academy in Sewell, NJ all classrooms are run by certified teachers to ensure a rich learning environment. Singapore Math, reading, writing, fine and gross motor skills, and science are all part of our curriculum along with regular use of our Hatch Smart Board system. Individualized programs are created based on skill level to encourage all children to love learning and get them ready to enter Kindergarten.

Full Day Kindergarten

Our state certified Kindergarten program is a full day with extended care included especially useful Kindergarten classes with smaller sized or with no available aftercare program. The small class sizes allow for one-to-one attention not possible with larger classes in public schools. Individualized programs are created to ensure each child succeeds in reaching their full potential before entering first grade.