So your kid asked if Santa is real, what should you say?

Truth about Santa from Bright Beginnings Academy NJ

Is Santa Real?

A question most of us with young children dread. It’s one of the most emotional turning points in a child’s life and how the news breaks to them is very important in determining how they’ll deal with it. While there’s no set age for when it will happen, we all know that it will. This is why it’s best to be prepared in case you’re suddenly required to deal with reality.

The most common scenario is that an older child or careless adult breaks the news to your child. Whether  accidentally or purposely, it doesn’t make the shock any easier for them to handle.

How to handle the truth about Santa

There are many thoughts on this subject and ask any parent of a child teenage years or older and they will all have different ideas on lessening the heartbreak. Some will tell war stories and some will have figured out how to lessen the pain.

We thought we would share an article that quotes an expert on the subject, Jacqueline Woolley. She is a psychology professor at the University of Texas at Austin, who has studied this subject – along with belief in fairies. It should help the transition go a smoothly as possible.

All of us at Bright Beginnings Academy in Southern Jersey wish you a happy holiday season.