Our Simple + Fave Toddler Toys…

Our Simple + Fave Toddler Toys…

All of us have something in common—we’ve been a toddler. Through the ages, toddlers have been known to be active and playful, ready to make a toy out of pots and pans, sticks, rocks and sand. For parents, that means needing to keep a careful eye out for these little explorers. From our first days of life, we are made to learn about everything we use and see around us.

With many gadgets and advancements in technology, picking out toys for toddlers can seem overwhelming. We recently asked some kids what they remembered as their favorite toddler toy. Here are the top 3 toys kids remembered and what they said it did for them as a toddler.

A Ball

“A simple round ball helps a toddler have good eye-hand coordination.”

Teach your child how to grab, hold, kick, throw, bounce, and catch with a ball. Having a variety of sizes and styles of balls, a toddler will experiment with each ball in his or her own way and learn cause and effect of their own strength and of the ball’s motion.

We think a ball is a super toy for involving parents in your child’s activities. Toss the ball with your child and experience the joy that comes with the simple shared interaction.

Coloring Books

“A coloring book helps toddlers learn more about colors and expands their creativity.”

As a toddler looks at a coloring book and starts to fill it in, they are forming an understanding about the world around them. They make observations, they realize boundaries, and they look for ways to improve their work. When a child has experience using a coloring book, they feel more confident with preschool classroom tasks involving paper. Rip, scribble, cut, color, glue. These can be challenging tasks for kids, but not so intimidating if parents have already introduced their child to a coloring book at an early age.

We think a coloring book is a wonderful tool to prepare your child for preschool. More than that, a coloring book can be a child’ first attempt at expressing observations of the world—exactly what they will continue to learn at school. A toddler learns a parent’s pride in his educational efforts when Mom or Dad praises those early scribbles on a coloring book.

Stuffed Animals

“A stuffed animal is always there to give a child a hug when he feels sad.”

Toddlers are just starting to become aware of human emotions, and it helps to have something soft to comfort them when those emotions feel out of control. Whether the stuffed animal is there talk to or touch, a toddler can use a soft toy when it needs to snuggle or have a sounding board.

We think a stuffed animal helps kids start conversations. They may talk to their toy about their emotions. Or, they may talk to you about their routine care for their “pet”. They may use it as another part of an overall pretend game. Having one more thing to talk to or talk about helps toddlers connect their emotions and daily habits to words.

Now, the staff at Bright Beginnings Academy would love to hear from you.

What is YOUR  favorite toddler toy and what are the benefits for your children?

Feel free to share below in the comments because all the parents who come to this site have the same intentions for our children. To help support them in being happy, resilient and confident.

We’d love to learn from YOU!