Steps to Register

 Parent Praise

"My husband and I both work full time and are very grateful that we are able to focus on our jobs knowing and feeling our daughter is being taken care of so well. We are always greeted and feel very welcome by all the staff.  We always feel very comfortable talking to them about anything that comes to mind, and they are attentive to our feedback as well."

J &T Rearick

register for fall 2020


1.) Visit our social media sites!

For a great overview of our classrooms, curriculum and staff and to see endearing snapshots of our little darlings, check out our blog and Social Media profiles:  Sewell Facebook Cherry Hill Facebook, Sicklerville Facebook, Instagram. We know you’ll come running right in after you see our behind the scenes action.

2.) Take a tour- See us in action!

Take a tour! We’d love you to visit with the entire family- both parents, grandparents and of course your little one! We typically do tours at 9:30 am – 11:30 AM and 2:30 PM -3:30 PM because all classrooms are in full swing and you’ll get a great look at a typical day.

Your little one will be welcomed into the classroom group and you’ll be able to get to know the teacher and class your child will be in.

You’ll have plenty of time to get to know us! Feel free to ask us whatever questions you may have, whether big or small!

We do accommodate tours before and after school by appointment only. Schedule a Tour Here!

3.) Get to know us by reading the information we provide you!

You’ll receive a tour packet just loaded with all things Bright Beginnings. Pay special attention to the staff bios and the curriculum calendar... It’s what sets us apart!

4.) Apply for Enrollment by returning the Registration Form along with the Registration Fee to Hold Your Childs Spot

Applying for enrollment and paying your registration fee puts you at the top of the list for the classroom, teacher choices, and guarantees enrollment.

*** Due to limited openings in our classrooms, your registration fee will secure your child’s spot.

5.) Complete the Enrollment Packet Paperwork

Complete and turn in the remainder of the Enrollment paperwork (Universal health record with attached immunization record, parent handbook receipt, emergency contacts, and any other specific instructions pertaining to allergies or custody if applicable)

6.) Set the Stage for your Child

Take some time alone with your preschooler and set the stage for a smooth transition for both of you by talking enthusiastically about his new school and reassuring your child that you know how much fun school will be.

This is the most critical component to getting your child off to a strong start. Feel free to stop by the school before your child starts to get reacquainted with the director, teacher, and classmates! We offer a free trial morning to give your little one (and you) a taste of preschool.

You are now a part of the Bright Beginnings family, we want you to feel welcomed!

7.) Welcome Packet

Once your child’s enrollment is confirmed and you have a start date, you’ll get a Welcome Packet. Take some time to look over the information. It will have everything you need to get your child prepared for their first day and get to know your child’s teacher on a personal level by reading their letter.

8.) Have a positive pep talk about preschool

The night before school, be sure your child gets a good nights sleep and you give each other a “pep talk”! It’s a transition for both of you and we’ll be here every step of the way. The first morning, plan a little extra time to get to school and do your best to drop off fairly quickly.

We’ve found that no matter how prepared and ready a child is for preschool or child care, they will read your emotions very clearly. We expect your child to test you and possibly resist at drop off- we promise to cuddle and comfort him and will call you if your child is overly upset.

Of course, you may call us throughout the day/days until you are comfortable with the transition! We've helped thousands of Mommies go through this transition- we've got your back!

9.) Above all don’t worry...

We promise we have so many fun activities planned, we’ll coddle your child with love and affection that your child’s day will fly